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Personality Disorders & Interviewing

Personality types can play a big role in the interviewing process. Indentifying personality types is key in a successful interview process. Through years of experience, law enforcement and researchers have developed three main clusters of personality types. Each has a distinct set of characteristics that can uniquely impact the interviewing process. Through behavior analysis one can quickly identify what personality cluster a person exhibits and refine the interview technique to optimize the interview. Learn to identify A, B and C cluster personalities as well as other personality disorders that may affect the communication process.


  • "Your analytical interview techniques and instruction are an important part of our training and truly demonstrate the value of your curriculum. Some of the students remarked that it was the best interview training they have attended." - A.J. Carrol, Asst. Chief Golden Gate Division, California Highway Patrol
  • "Enhanced the field agent's ability to recognize areas we should pursue when assessing the validity of individuals and information." - NCIX
  • "I want to take opportunity to thank you and your staff for the training you recently provided to this Agency's Security Protective Officers and the attendees from law enforcement agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Institute's interview/ interrogation methodologies, combines with academic research presented by Dr. Mark Frank, and incorporated practical exercises were universally well received by the class participants."- James Kirkman, Chief Protective Programs Group, CIA

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  • Personality Disorders & Interviewing

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