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Hosting a Seminar

Are you interested in having an in-house training session that is tailored to your agency’s own members?

Avoid the added expenses of travel, lodging, and time with on-site seminars built to suite your agencies requirements. IAI expert instructors facilitate the program choosing from a base of a variety of topics including the effective Interview and Interrogation Techniques, Middle East cultural training, forensic questioning, and more.

The overall seminar topics, length, format, and content can be customized to meet your needs. These hosted seminars are available on either a contract or co-sponsored basis.  With either the contract or the co-sponsor option, the hosting agency will need to provide a suitable training location.
Contract Program

Any of IAI’s  seminars can be conducted on a contract basis, offering the agency a fixed rate based on number of seats from your specific agency.  This allows a specific agency to estimate its costs accurately and to train more investigators at a reduced cost.  Investigators from other agencies may be invited at the discretion of the contracting organization.

Benefits of a Contract Class:

  • Schedule courses bases on your calendar needs.
  • Customized courses tailored to your needs.
  • Complete control of who attends the seminar.
  • Hosting Agencies overall cost reduced with no travel, lodging or extra per diem expenses.


Co-Sponsored Seminar

The host agency will partner with IAI to deliver a co-sponsored program. The host agency will need to provide a training location and some marketing support.  

IAI will be responsible to promote the event to area law enforcement agencies and be responsible for the production of marketing flyers, seminar materials, speaker expenses, registration and invoicing. The host agency will be compensated for the training location and marketing support with free training slots in the seminar.

Benefits of a Co-Sponsored Seminar:

  • IAI is responsible for all promotional materials, speaker expenses, registrations and invoicing. 
  • The host agency receives free seats in the seminar and only has to pay to register additional attendees beyond the complimentary registrations.
  • IAI provides a national coordinator to market the program and support the seminar.


For additional information or questions, please contact us using  this online form:

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  • "Your analytical interview techniques and instruction are an important part of our training and truly demonstrate the value of your curriculum. Some of the students remarked that it was the best interview training they have attended." - A.J. Carrol, Asst. Chief Golden Gate Division, California Highway Patrol
  • "Enhanced the field agent's ability to recognize areas we should pursue when assessing the validity of individuals and information." - NCIX
  • "I want to take opportunity to thank you and your staff for the training you recently provided to this Agency's Security Protective Officers and the attendees from law enforcement agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Institute's interview/ interrogation methodologies, combines with academic research presented by Dr. Mark Frank, and incorporated practical exercises were universally well received by the class participants."- James Kirkman, Chief Protective Programs Group, CIA

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Courses Available

  • Analytic Interviewing
  • Rapport & Control
  • The Cognitive Interview
  • Forensic Questioning
  • PEACE Model
  • Language and Listening
  • Personality Disorders & Interviewing

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