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David M. Maxwell, Jr.

Ranger Sergeant

Texas Rangers

David. M. Maxwell, Jr. began his law enforcement career with the Texas Department of Public Safety in November 1972 as a Highway Patrol Trooper. In 1981 he was promoted to sergeant and transferred to the Narcotic Investigation Division, where he worked intensively undercover. He was also the lead investigator on a number of sensitive and complex narcotic investigations. In February 1986 he was appointed to the Texas Rangers, where he specialized in homicide and murder-for-hire investigations, often posing undercover as a hit man. David soon obtained a reputation as a tough, honest and thorough investigator with an uncanny ability to get to the truth of the matter that impresses the most seasoned investigator.

David was one of the lead investigators in the post investigation of the ATF raid on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX and the siege afterwards by the FBI. He displayed the integrity of the Texas Rangers during that investigation by not allowing political pressure to interfere with his obtaining the truth and earned the respect of his peers at all levels of law enforcement.

David's interviewing skills are recognized by other investigators as being outstanding. Because of this he was asked by ATF to become an instructor for the Analytic Interviewing Course. In 1997 he attended the Advanced Analytic Interviewing Instructor Course at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia where he shared his techniques and knowledge with the rest of the instructors and students. Since that time he has returned to Texas, where he has practiced and applied in the field what he learned and is now being sought as an instructor and consultant in Analytic Interviewing.


  • "Your analytical interview techniques and instruction are an important part of our training and truly demonstrate the value of your curriculum. Some of the students remarked that it was the best interview training they have attended." - A.J. Carrol, Asst. Chief Golden Gate Division, California Highway Patrol
  • "Enhanced the field agent's ability to recognize areas we should pursue when assessing the validity of individuals and information." - NCIX
  • "I want to take opportunity to thank you and your staff for the training you recently provided to this Agency's Security Protective Officers and the attendees from law enforcement agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Institute's interview/ interrogation methodologies, combines with academic research presented by Dr. Mark Frank, and incorporated practical exercises were universally well received by the class participants."- James Kirkman, Chief Protective Programs Group, CIA

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