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Lester C. Robinson

Senior Special Agent/Supervisor/Manager

United States Treasury (retired)

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

Lester Robinson worked 47 years in his law enforcement career with several agencies, the Salinas, CA Police Department as a detective, U.S. Treasury, ATF , agent, supervisor and manager, U.S. Marshal Service as a special deputy, U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Bureau and Sonoma County Sheriff Department as a Deputy Sheriff. He worked many under cover assignments, including 3 years of deep cover infiltrating outlaw motorcycle gangs including the Loosers, Bar Hoppers, Misfits and Hells Angels. He was the first Senior Special Agent promoted to this new position in San Francisco. He developed the first arson/bomb investigation squad in San Francisco. He constantly obtained witnesses, informants and confessions in the most unlikely cases. In an investigation of a cult with a compound in Missouri he developed a confession from a cult leader that resulted in locating all explosives and firearms resulting in a peaceful surrender. This was similar to Waco with a much different results. He obtained confessions from a subject that firebombed a police officers house and a confession from a subject that bombed a police department. His last assignment was to work in the U.S. Attorney's Office to manage ATF's interest in the Northwest Region to coordinate with 9 federal agencies as well as state and local agencies to produce high profile cases for prosecution. From his budget he directed many successful operations in organized crime and major gangs dealing in drugs and guns.

He attended instructor training at the ATF National Academy and became the instructor for conspiracy case laws and the laws of search and seizure. He became the class supervisor for new agent classes and made presentations to graduating students.

He made informational presentations at local, regional and national conferences on subjects of outlaw motorcycle gangs, criminal operations of Jamaican, Asian and Crips and Blood gangs. He frequently gave classes at police academies throughout the country. He was the guest speaker at the first International Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Conference and re-appeared as a guest speaker at the 20th year conference with other international speakers. He was called before the U.S. Senate to testify and make a presentation as an expert on organized crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs. After retirement from ATF he worked to assist the U.S. Marshal in opening and conducting operations at the Oakland, CA field office. For the U.S. Department of State he conducted interviews of potential diplomats to confirm their national security status.

He graduated from Hartnell College and attended night law school in Fresno, CA but was transferred before completion of law school.


  • "Your analytical interview techniques and instruction are an important part of our training and truly demonstrate the value of your curriculum. Some of the students remarked that it was the best interview training they have attended." - A.J. Carrol, Asst. Chief Golden Gate Division, California Highway Patrol
  • "Enhanced the field agent's ability to recognize areas we should pursue when assessing the validity of individuals and information." - NCIX
  • "I want to take opportunity to thank you and your staff for the training you recently provided to this Agency's Security Protective Officers and the attendees from law enforcement agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Institute's interview/ interrogation methodologies, combines with academic research presented by Dr. Mark Frank, and incorporated practical exercises were universally well received by the class participants."- James Kirkman, Chief Protective Programs Group, CIA

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