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Robin Carr

Robin is a former New Scotland Yard Detective who served thirty years within the Metropolitan Police London UK.

His experience is in investigating homicides, major crime and specialist high profile investigations. Operationally he has a wealth of experience in investigative interviewing, both witnesses and suspects.

Latterly in his police career he qualified to teach and became the lead instructor at the Hendon Crime Academy both writing and then teaching the advanced interview course to police officers. [PEACE Tier 3]

During this period he also trained in the United States of America with JJ Newberry and others from the Institute of Analytic Interviewing in interviewing techniques, which included micro-expressions and body language and other means to detect deception. [Hot spots]

This became a stepping-stone for him to become the national lead training coordinator for UK interviewing: representing the National Police Improvement Agency. He was responsible for quality assuring police training in interviewing across the UK.

The experience and knowledge he has in the field of interviewing coupled with the strong network he has around him has enabled him to develop the best material to produce unique interview training courses incorporating:

  • PEACE model
  • Cognitive interviewing
  • Conversation management
  • Micro expressions
  • Persuasion
  • Rhetoric
  • Elicitation
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • Rapport
  • Practical interview planning techniques

Robin doesn’t like to stand still and is continually developing and improving his courses. The subject matter is of course important but so too is the way it is taught and delivered and to this he pays a great deal of attention providing some challenging and engaging exercises to enforce the learning.

Clients: Military, Law Enforcement, Corporations [Vetted].


  • "Your analytical interview techniques and instruction are an important part of our training and truly demonstrate the value of your curriculum. Some of the students remarked that it was the best interview training they have attended." - A.J. Carrol, Asst. Chief Golden Gate Division, California Highway Patrol
  • "Enhanced the field agent's ability to recognize areas we should pursue when assessing the validity of individuals and information." - NCIX
  • "I want to take opportunity to thank you and your staff for the training you recently provided to this Agency's Security Protective Officers and the attendees from law enforcement agencies in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Institute's interview/ interrogation methodologies, combines with academic research presented by Dr. Mark Frank, and incorporated practical exercises were universally well received by the class participants."- James Kirkman, Chief Protective Programs Group, CIA

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Courses Available

  • Analytic Interviewing
  • Rapport & Control
  • The Cognitive Interview
  • Forensic Questioning
  • PEACE Model
  • Language and Listening
  • Personality Disorders & Interviewing

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